Appropriate Dress Required

zombie fighting girl

Sometimes you feel like putting on a pretty little sundress, and prancing around in a meadow with the butterflies.

Other days, you wake up and think: rubber dress … fishnet stockings … gasmask and shotgun … fuck yeah!

But pack the sundress and a cardigan just in case. And that nice cocktail dress, and high heels, ’cause you never know…

What happens if they have a big fancy party after all the zombies are dead?

Alltop enjoys its ass-less chaps. Atomic girl, uploaded by Midnight-digital. Originally published March, 2010.

6 thoughts on “Appropriate Dress Required

  1. LOL! Duly noted! I’ll have to see if any of the stores around here sell rubber dresses. Cuz, obviously I have everything else. LOL!!

  2. How did you know my dressing habits? Damn! Note to self: too predictable. Must change to “Space Queen” (white vinyl and silver platforms – hmmm…maybe already done by Lady Gaga…more thinking required).