The Carnival of Satire (#48)

The Carnival of Satire #48Welcome to The Carnival of Satire, where we promise that you won’t have to give us anything except a few moments of your time, and perhaps a laugh or two. Certainly not a vital organ.

In China it’s a different story. There you may be expected to give such a “present to society”. Or perhaps you might get lucky and be a part of the crack Chinese organ relay squad. Whatever the case, it seems like we’re not the only ones to notice the incongruity of holding the summer Olympics in Beijing as some of these cartoons demonstrate.

Ahistoricality is less controversial, and helps us take this carnival up to “eleven” by helping us find Eric Muller’s Hierarchy of Legal Scholarship.

When it comes to spinach, Madeleine Begun Kane “can’t stands no more!” and proves it with her Ode To Spinach (Limerick).

So, was Popeye a sexy swabby? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. He probably could have used this “advice” on How to Be Sizzling Hot – Guide for Men.

Continuing with the “hot” theme, neither Helen nor “Lucy” would qualify. Thag says, “think again.”

Less hot than Helen AND the Emperor from Star Wars? That could only be the Pope. Bile, Snark, and Sneer have more of his “wisdom” with THE truth hurts.

On Pope-related note, we thought that you might “agree” with Archer at Lawyerworldland who suggests I hope we can move on.

The Kag Report “explains” that Canadian experts agree Mona Lisa is a painting.

Brian Tarcy has NFL “action” with

The prolific Madeleine Begun Kane has another “limerick” (well we had to air-quote something): Bush’s Burst Bubble.

To take us out on a “tasty” note, Joan Conde has a post in which Condeleeza Rice Asks: Am I an Oreo? posted at Mamacita.

Phew, now that we’ve “vented” some spleen (much better than giving it away), we will take a break until next week. Thanks to all for their posts, and you can submit your satire via this handy form; the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.

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  2. Mark:

    Thanks again for the link.

    About the money you wanted- we can get it all in used twenties, but it’s tough these days finding a brown paper bag for the drop-off behind the dumpster in the park.

    Can we use plastic?

    Thanks a bunch,

    Bile, Snark, and Sneer

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