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Month: November 2006

The Carnival of Satire (#57)

The Carnival of Satire #57GrrlScientist has discovered an Escher painting of the Bush Administration Showing Us The Way Out of Iraq.

The festive season is upon us and Drink at Work is doing a marvelous series of lost holiday specials; we liked an evening with Rudolph.

The Banterist has more accurate Wikipedia warnings. (Link goes to a non-blog site.)

Madeleine Begun Kane has an astute Ode To Prosperity.

Jesus’ General has a review of Hot House Flowers that is worth checking out.

Anticipating The Skwib’s upcoming holiday gift guide, Jennifer Miner has the sarcastic What Not to Buy for Christmas: This holiday season’s worst gift ideas.


Meme Study

Judging by the number of comments this grad student’s research on meme spread and speed is doing okay, but you can be part of the…

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Carnival Catch-up

Godlessness! Bad History. Bad! The Carnival of the Insanities The Best of Me Symphony

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