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Month: January 2007

Carnival O-Rama

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The Carnival of Satire (#63)

The Carnival of SatireWelcome to The Carnival of Satire at The Skwib. We have a fine selection of satire this week, ranging from social etiquette, to politics, to nose-picking. (Though some may argue those last two are the same thing.) We hope you enjoy all the gold-lassoed fun.

Birdman has advice for How to be The Most Annoying Moviegoer in the Theater.

Ahistoricality has discovered breaking news (in bold colors and delivered in speech bubbles): Wonder Woman Runs for President.

Madeleine Begun Kane has terse verse on the question of Jenna Bush, Author?

Craig Harper has a tale of spelunking gone bad in Please take your finger out of your nose. Spot the bonus irony in the top ten list at the end of Craig’s post. (It has to do with the number one faux pas, and the origins of the phrase, “faux pas.” This irony may not be immediately obvious if you haven’t ridden the Metro in Paris.)

Jake Danger at Lunatic Wisdom brings us futuristic psychological satire with Theistic Delusionary Disorder: Our Nation’s No. One Mental Health Problem.

Speaking of psychological satire, Jarod Kearney has a politically correct take on Sauron: Dark Lord of Mordor or Motivated “Go-Getter”?

Sean J. Vaughan helps bring us back to terra firm with this presentation at Reason and Rhyme: NASA Plans to Construct Earth Base.

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