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Month: May 2007

The Carnival of Satire (#75)

The Carnival of SatireThis week’s article in Slate on the lolcat meme (here) starts us off, with a Rocky Horror lolcat spoof and a sonnet in lolcatese. And if you want more cute, cuddly, Intertubes crap, you’ll find it at this massive lolcat compendium.


Now for the serious satire. (Heh.)

The Richmond Democrat shows how history repeats itself in: The Richmond Democrat: History for Republicans: The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

Ahistoricality found this gem for us at historiblogography, in which Republican debaters race to the bottom. Warning: Some graphic content, including the phrase “skull-f#*k@ng”. See, now you have to go. But it is graphic. Our advice is to hang in there for the punch line.

The Epicurean Dealmaker has learned about a new synergistic movie: Destroy All Monsters. We excited!

Over at Conservathink you’ll be happy to learn that a Creationist museum to open in Kentucky; Flat Earth Society, Eugenicists United to follow suit.

Madeleine Begun Kane has a polimerick If This Is True, My Head May Explode posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

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Carnival Catch-up

Bad History! Baaaad! The Friday Ark, for all your lolcat needs. (And loldogs, lolnewts, lolbees, etc.) And you can head over to the beach for…

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