Beijing Olympic mascots: Hu Flung Falun Gong?

Hu Flung Falun Gong? imageThis is a team event that asks the question: how far can you fling a religious person? Though many of the “fling team” members will be from Falun Gong, don’t let the event fool you — the Chinese government will fling other religious people too, including Tibetan Buddhists, Muslim Uighurs, and underground Protestants and Catholics. According to the Beijing Olympic committee’s write-up, the Falun Gong seem to have the best aerodynamic properties. Still, they used Tibetan Buddhist Yingying in this illustration. (You will notice the trebuchet in the bottom right corner of the illustration — originally they tried to fling Falun Gong with massive cords of surgical tubing, but they could not get enough lift, and there was no splat factor, which is an important part of the scoring.)

Original inspiration:
China’s Human Rights Record and Falun Gong

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