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Carnival of Satire #3

image of panda puking - carnival of satireWow, another great round of satire coming at you in this week’s Carnival of Satire. Thanks to all who sent The Skwib their posts, and please keep them coming — putting this together is a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Let’s open up the COS with a bit of ripping good satire, in the mode of Swift. The Assimilated Negro at The Assimilated Negro riffs on the oft-partially quoted Bill Bennett, in a funny, raw, piece: If We Bring Back The Slave Days, Look At The Cool Products We’ll Have!!

On the softer, furrier side, Kid Various at The Idiom let’s us know that in a Mexican Zoo, a Panda Fails To Catch Yellow Fever. This is such cuddly, vaguely pornographic, satire.

Warren Meyer at Coyote Blog has gotten an exclusive look at the Agenda for UN Internet Conference. I think the only item missed was that the panel on limiting Pornography on the Web was actually a joint effort by the Saudi security service and the FBI.

Everyman at Everyman Chronicles presents Anti-Anti-War Protesters Bring Tanks to Rally!

Brandon Bibb at Grapevine’s Ramblings presents Red Sox File Suit for Joint Custody of AL East Title

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face presents Sheehan’s Rogue Vagina Eats Officer’s Hand in an inspired bite … uh, bit.

Ah, Mr. Blue, you foolish, foolish fellow — why call in the lawyers? Mr. Satire at presents Garrison Keillor At Prairie Home Lost His Oversized Yellow Panties, Companion Marbles & Sense Of Humor. The sad story of man with a great sense of humor and how he lost it.

Bob Sterling at [Ed. comment: yikes! If I was a master of smegma, I would never admit it, unless I was starting a punk band.] presents the pithy and inspired: Steve Jobs and God team up to release Bible Nano

Vox Poplar at Vox Poplar Is right About Everything & Don’t You Forget It! presents 1 on 1 with RONNIE EARLE

Brad Warbiany at The Unrepentant Individual presents Congress Tackles Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Music. Warning: this piece is rife with Canadian content. Not only is Bill Shatner mentioned, but so is the dreaded “aboot” issue. LUCY IN THE SKY!!!!

And to finish up, we’ll keep with the Canadian theme. It’s time to have at our politics. For those readers who aren’t following our scandals up here, our ruling party — the Liberal Party of Canada — have a tiny, almost infinitesimal problem with corruption. Bob at either orr pierces the veil beautifully in: An advertisement for the Liberal Party of Canada.

That’s if for this week folks. Keep that great satire coming, and for next week, please turn up your creativity to “11” and refrain from using the following words, which Thag finds deeply upsetting: orange, wankle rotary engine, toenail clippings, moonbat — and just to keep it balanced — wingnut. Thanks to jusintaugust for the panda photo and the ubercarnival. As always, if you’re not sure if your post is satire or not, you can always see what we think satire is, by checking out Mark’s essay, Satire’s Ugly Sisters.

Carnival of Satire #2

Carnival of Satire #2, picture of gorillaOkay, this thing seems to be gathering some steam, though we have noticed that the satire gene seems to skews right. However, we like to offend everyone at The Skwib, so fair enough. (We should add that opinions of the participants do not necessarily mirror those of the multiple personalities normally on display here, and that we do not really believe left and right have any meaning anyway.)

Please remember, that this Carnival is about satire, so if your post didn’t get linked, then it could be that it wasn’t quite satirical enough for the tastes of the editorial team. We could be wrong . . . we frequently are. If you want to know what we think satire is, please check out Mark’s essay, Satire’s Ugly Sisters.

Let’s kick things off with a brilliant lampoon from Laurence Simon at IFOC News. This parody news story, Breach Floods N.O. Ninth Ward Again, made Dr. Tundra spew coffee all over the room. (Could have been the peyote buttons too.)

Continuing with the media theme, Remulak MoxArgon at The MoxArgon Group presents Episode # 7: What’s With the Earthling Media?. One wonders why General Kang was not invited to participate — probably seemed too liberal, what with his French clothes and tiny feet.

Gary Cruse at The Owner’s Manual presents the initially baffling EUlogy, but if you are a clever web consumer (which clearly Thag is not) this is actually quite funny if you read the linked story first. (And don’t hit the computer with your club.)

Two Dogs at Mean Ol’ Meany presents the pithy Burger King’s Corrected Ice Cream Thingy

Nickie Goomba at Nickie Goomba takes us back to the blame game with Mayor sez: ‘Ignore the Feds’

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face continues the blame game with Unable To Use “Stupid”, Press Conference Breaks Up Early

Mr. Right at The Right Place presents Angry Protesters Demand “U.S. Out of U.S. Now!”

Vox Poplar at Vox Poplar Is right About Everything & Don’t You Forget It! presents THIS JUST IN….

While we’re neither fans of Sheehan-bashing, nor the term “moonbat”, bob at either orr nevertheless produces a truly amusing line-up inThe Concert for Cindy Sheehan.

Barry Welford at The Other Bloke’s Blog brings us a satirical take (for a business blog) on the old saw What Do You Call An 800 Lb. Gorilla?. (And is the inspiration for our title graphic this week.)

The Man at GOP and the City presents Rangel Is Full of the Wrong Bull, which, while not satire per se, is replete with satirical possibilities. Nobody here thinks Bull Connor (the billiard ball on stilts from Night Court) was racist either.

And finally, we recommend you check out The Assimilated Negro at The Assimilated Negro (see, that’s the self-titled blog, there are no Bull O’Connors here!) presents Benefits of Converting From Negro To Assimilated Negro. Excellent satire.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the second Carnival of Satire, and to Chris in NE for the gorilla picture. We’re looking forward to next week’s efforts, where we promise there will be no extra primate added to the Carnival. Okay, no gratuitously extra primate.

Carnival of Satire #1

Carnival of Satire graphic (with penguins)Welcome to the inaugural Carnival of Satire at The Skwib. This was a real pleasure to put together. As I suspected, there is some fine satire being produced by many a weblog, and I thought most of these posts were of really high quality. So no more blah, blah from me — on to the posts.

Ahistoricality at Ahistoricality introduces us to a concept that makes Atkins look like a health regime for sissies in Diet of the Penguins, which also gives us our first COS graphic.

As always, Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full Of Crap produces cutting (and funny) satire; in this piece, he has a go at the US Supreme Court and the computing industry at the same time: Supreme Court Overturns Moore’s Law.

Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality brings us a good think piece (somewhere a Rolling Stone editor is wetting himself) on Where were our superheroes? Though the whole post isn’t satirical, its jumping-off point certainly is.

Having ridden on the Paris metro in August, I have a sense of where Mr. Satire at satire :: might have come up with Mephitic French PM de Villepin Suggests Shower and Soap To Combat Welfare Fraud

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face presents You Can’t Spell Urine Without U-N.

Two Dogs at Mean Ol’ Meany presents Those Damn Great Democrats Part VIII – Mary Landrieu.

I really enjoyed this satire from Ellison at Blog d’Elisson who gives us short (dare I say Skwib-like fiction) in a beautiful satire of marketers called: THE HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, VERY BAD BREAKFAST CEREAL: A 100-WORD STORY

There is more food-related satire from Andy Clarkson at The Charlotte Capitalist who examines (in a longer post) the questionable methodology of the Charlotte “Food Board”

Bob at either orr takes the piss out of the Liberal Party of Canada for their corruption, and at the same time, a swipe at MasterCard’s so-spoofable ad campaign in Liberalcard

Sean Gleeson at Sean Gleeson presents a humorous take on the Roberts confirmation hearings in Confirmation Comics

And lastly, a submission from Mr. Snitch! at Mister Snitch! is absolutely brilliant! (Hmm… a lot of exclamation marks there.)

I love the original song, Hurricane, and this version of Dylan’s classic leaves no player in the whole Katrina debacle un-pierced. I’m sure you’ll enjoy: Here comes the story of the Hurricane. Incidentally, if you know of someone who is a Dylan imitator or stylist, Mr. Snitch wants to set the lyrics to the music. You can find out more at his website.

So that’s our first outing, and a successful one at that. If you’d like to join the Carnival of Satire, you’ll find all the details here. You can also check other up-to-date carnivals at the Blog Carnival and Ferdy’s carnival form. See you next week!