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The Carnival of Satire (#92)

The Carnival of Satire (#92) -- guy sitting on wing of planeWelcome to the travel edition of the Carnival of Satire. We haven’t been on a plane for a few months, so we were surprised to see the new overflow seating policy of Air Canada. (Pictured to the left.)

Chris Christensen starts off this fortnight’s satire with these 7 Outrageous Predictions for Travel in 2008.

Madeleine Begun Kane takes us on a poetical politics ride with this funny A Liar’s Haiku and a limerick crying for sanity: Dear Editor: Enough With The Polls, Already!.

DWSUWF has run a grand social experiment in identity: what would happen if a Democrat became a Republican in San Fancisco? Find out in Republican Like Me

Stop the presses. Damian G. breaks this news: Ron Paul disavows bigoted statements written on campaign blimp..

Quelqoth reports on the Comfy Chair Fiasco.

But back to Republicans. Bagel has coined a new phrase and put it on a toke bag: “You say ‘lemming’ like that’s a bad thing.” Sorry, toTe bag.

The Offended Blogger has begun the Oh, Bloody Hell Offensive (against the testosterone travel industry, we think).

200motels presents Mexican wrestling: CHUCHA LIBRE!.

Sidhusaaheb has a modest proposal: Auction the Bharat Ratna!.

Speaking of India, Jason X presents The Onshore Alternative.

And the LOLcat phenomenon has now also branched out to Animal Planet, thanks to The Silent LOL.

Andrew Hendel believes he has the Top 10 Best Reasons To Not Work Out at the Gym, but the list neglects the most important reason — they don’t serve beer!

Steve has an entertaining and sarcastic review of The Year in Television 2007 .

And if all of this wasn’t enough, we have also learned that LOBO hates Hittites. Just sayin.

And that’s it for this edition! If you have some satire to share, please consider submitting next time. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, humor-blogs.com, and at the Blog Carnival too. A special thanks to Odegaard for his excellent Photoshop work.

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