The Fridgularity

Winner of the 2012 IndieReader Discovery Award for Best Humor

The Fridgularity

My newest novel is a satire of the technological singularity.

It examines what happens when a web designer’s web-enabled fridge becomes the conduit for an entity called Zathir, which has evolved on the Internet and promptly locked all humans out of its home.

More about the book on The Fridgularity page.

Pirate Therapy and Other Cures

Pirate Therapy and Other CuresPirate Therapy and Other Cures is a collection of short, flash and micro-fictions that I’ve written over the past six years or so. There is a wide variety of madness going on in this collection: a therapist is replaced by a pirate. The author receives disquieting postcards from his future self. William Shatner is elected President of the United States, and we get to hear his inaugural address. Jesus contends with dinosaurs. Marcel Duchamp describes what happens to a Dadaist who has a monkey’s tail grafted to his butt.

Tons of drivel — some pure, and some quite tainted with meaning!

Marvellous Hairy

Marvellous Hairy - a novel in five fractalsMy second novel is called Marvellous Hairy — a novel in five fractals.

Marvellous Hairy is the touching story of a surrealistic novelist and his descent down the family tree as he is regressed to a monkey state by the evil Gargantuan Enterprises; his friends find out and have a plan to save him and fight the man the best way they know how: with grain alcohol and applied Chaos Theory.

Release your inner monkey!

The Amadeus Net

The Amadeus NetThe Amadeus Net is my first novel, at least, the first that I will admit to. It is a futuristic satire that asks the question, would an immortal Mozart have his own “sprouter” snipped off? Do sentient cities fall in love?

Find out more at The Amadeus Net page.