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...About the Emily Chesley Reading Circle
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restoring a speculative treasure What is the Emily Chesley Reading Circle?

Membership Status

(Expired) Members

Dr. Maximilian Tundra*

Jason "someone-or-other" Macdonnell
Mike "He Glows" Rayner

Erudite Members
Mark A. Rayner, Esq.*
John Sloan, TGCS*
"Foothills Mac" Ruddock*
David"Flyboy" Lurie*
Michael "The Member Formerly Known as Panties" Watson
Martin "Just Quisling" Redfern
Scott "The Ghost" Hill
Neil "The Kid" Darbyshire
Jeff "The Dude"Black*
Bruce "The Invisible Guy" Trevor

Visiting Scholars
-none currently-

Shrunken Members
-none currently-

Distant Members
David "TightWadBastard" Offenbacher
Matthew "El Dorito" Lurie

*indicates a Founding Member



typical scholarNo doubt when you first heard of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle, you imagined a collection of gentlemen who looked something like the fellow to the right: studious, learned, goateed, and wearing a silly hats.

How right you were!

That is a portrait of the late Dr. Maximilian Tundra in his "Lenin" days. (And don't be fooled, that's not tobacco he was enjoying in that pipe.)

But we digress. What you really want to know, is why we are here at all, and that question is best answered by the first two items in our Covenant:

1. The Emily Chesley Reading Circle (ECRC) dedicates itself to a monthly "library night" where they shall meet at a mutually-agreeable "reading" venue.

2. The ECRC pledges to further the study of Emily Chesley, a long-overlooked Canadian speculative fiction writer of the late Victorian period, who lived for some time in the London, Ontario region.

So there you have it. "Reading," "library nights" and Emily Chesley. Our raison d'être.

You can learn more about the Circle at the links below:

News:  Aannouncements and happenings of great import to the Circle.

Whaaa? In this section, you will find our Covenant and Codex, member biographies, and other administrative details about the Circle.

Public Services:  We write Letters of Annoyance (and Approval) as a public service, and in a similar spirit, offer our quasi-regular Beard Forecast.  Finally, there is the coveted Tundra Prize literary contest.



...About the Emily Chesley Reading Circle
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