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London, Ontario's Emily Chesley Reading Circele [Canada]  -- speculative fiction writer, Emily Chesley parody site

Restoring a speculative treasure

"My critics say that my writings are an offense to moral decency and Christian civilization. While in fact it is their autocratic regime, rife with a paterfamilias ethic that is the offense. I humbly suggest to them: get bent."

Emily Chesley, 1904, London, Ontario
(addressing the first Canadian Congress of Speculationists)

Recent Speculation, Rumour & "Scholarship"

Chesleyan "studies" (column below)


""Welcome back lads!

Ireland 2008!

Our Book Still Exists:

"THE MEANDERINGS ... is a utopia for the silly name, a bizarre little collection of offbeat names, situations, and flat-out ridiculous that should appeal to all fans of Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson. Short but sweet, and oftentimes offensively funny, MEANDERINGS is nothing less than fun for the sake of fun."

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The Amadeus NetMember of the Circle Has First Novel Published

Our peripatetic "acting" secretary, The Squire, has had his debut novel published by the "boutique" upstart ENC Press. Mozart is alive, in love, and on the lam in the world's first sentient city, Ipolis. Lucky for both of them nobody knows, but how long can it stay that way?

Visit ENC Press to find out...>

Other Scholarship of Note

Yah! The final two installments of Chapter 11, The Road to Heidleberg, coving the biography of Michael Flannigan from 1841-1848: The Nehal Renunciation and The Heidelberg Disaster , or read the chapter from the beginning!

Discover our latest gallery of inventions by Michael Flannigan, including the Brain Holder and Shark Hat for Discerning Gentlemen.




New Letter of Approval: Tir nan Og showcases 'alternative' music. ...>

In the 19th century, there was a fascination with Niagara Falls. What better combination to tackle the challenge than Emily and her inventor "uncle", Michael Flannigan? Read, Roll Out the Barrel...>

Flannigan was interested in space exploration. We have the inventions to prove it..>

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November 9, 2007

The Squire



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The Emily Chesley Reading Circle is a group of "scholars" and bon-vivants pledged to further the study of Emily Chesley, a speculative fiction writer of the late Victorian period (who lived for some time in the London, Ontario region), who has been long-overlooked by Canadian literature. Our research includes the history, literature, science and speculative fiction, parody and humor of Emily Chesley; we also examine the life of her "uncle", the quirky inventor Michael Flannigan. Indeed, the Circle also studies many of the other literary, historical and scientific figures they met in their lives, such as J.R.R. Tolkein, Lewis Carroll and Mahatma Gandhi.

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