Crazy like a fox

Sarah Palin, with a gun at her head

Reagan did a lot of this during the Reykjavík Summit with Gorbachev, but it was part of his strategy.

He was TRYING to make Gorby and the Russians think he was a maniac. Hell, maybe he would launch the nukes — he was that crazy. Though this did cause a breakdown of the talks at Reykjavik, mostly because Gorbachev had a panic attack, and just couldn’t face the ‘mentally deranged’ (Gorbachev’s description, not mine) President. Eventually, they signed SALT II.

Of course, nobody knew this except Reagan. He was convincing. I was convinced. My friends were convinced. We were pretty sure this was likely:


Oh well, it’s helped me write at least one novel.

Alltop is excellent at “duck and cover”. Awesome Sarah Palin cartoon by Zina Saunders.

The evolution of the fat cell

McDonalds arches

The average human has 40 billion fat cells. These tiny, glistening, oleaginous buggers are designed to store energy for when we need it. Along with the brain, the liver, the pancreas and the stomach, fat cells manage our energy needs as well, maintaining constant communication through our blood system. This system is highly efficient, and evolved over millions of years, during most of which humans were always looking for food.

And long before the invention of the cheeseburger.

Alltop loves a good Royal with Cheese. Photo by Keoni Cabral.