Paint drying and other televisual treats

TV wasteland: last night we were reduced to deciding between The Worst Jobs in History and the Miss Universe Pageant.

I enjoy looking at gorgeous women as much as the next guy, but I discovered last night that these pageants are designed for women not men, when I found myself wanting to watch something else, while my partner was clearly enjoying the cheese-ridden contest.

You would think that watching perfect-looking babes parade around in skimpy evening gowns and tight bikinis on high heels would be anything but boring, wouldn’t you? But there it was. I was bored out of my mind.

I was much more interested in watching Tony Robinson get covered in leeches.

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I'm back!

Okay, some new content soon, I promise. I can’t believe it took almost two weeks to get my dns switched and this site restarted. I’m sure you can’t either.

New content on Tuesday. For now I’ve resurrected a couple of old posts. The rest are listed under Old Skwib Files. Someday soon I must also figure out how to change the word “Pages” to something meaningful. I mean, it might as well say, “blork” for all it tells you.