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July 4 , 2005
The Amadeus Net makes an appearance on the Locus Online "New Books" page. Very cool!

July 4 , 2005
This is cool, a review on BiblioTravel that gives The Amadeus Net 7 out of 10. Hmm, I'd prefer and "A", but I can live with a "B".

June 28, 2005
I taped Bill Paul's radio show today (6X FM) and it will be airing on Sunday, July 10, 2 pm - 4 pm.

June 26, 2005
Thanks to everyone who came out to my official launch party last night (and especially those who bought a book.)

June 17, 2005
My first TV appearance, pluggin The Amadeus Net, on Rogers TV's (here in London, ON) Daytime. Nice hosts!

June 14, 2005
Let the shameless media whoring begin! I'm the "member of the week" on MediaBistro today. Check out their interview with me.

June 13, 2005
Okay, it's confirmed we have the Festivo Strings booked for the launch party. This will add a much-needed touch of class to the evening.

May 31, 2005
The launch party for The Amadeus Net will be on June 25th at The Grad Pub, on the UWO campus. Join us for literary mayhem and festivities.

May 13, 2005
My first novel, The Amadeus Net, is finally in print. You can get one directly from ENC Press!

April 27, 2005
We're done with the galleys, and now it's just a few weeks until The Amadeus Net is available. You can preorder copies at the ENC site!

April 27, 2005
Cool -- a review! Matthew Cheney at SF Site has reviewed Trunk Stories, and my short (short) story, "A Monkey's Tail . . ." more..>

April 9, 2005
I've added a new short story to the fiction section, "The Epiphany of Leonard's Toenails".

March 22, 2005
The Amadeus Net is now available for pre-orders on the ENC website. You can get to it from their home page.

Jan. 20, 2005
Aoife's Kiss has just bought a cyberpunk tale by your's truly, "The Onus of Survival ."

I've just finished the line edit of The Amadeus Net, so we are one step closer to publication. While you're waiting for the finished product, may I suggest that you go to the ENC Press website, and purchase a fine work of fiction by another writer? You won't regret it!

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The freshest story available is on this site, but was originally published by Paradox, in 2004 -- The Consolation of Victory.

"The Feet Feelers of Frigheim Nine" is now on the Fortean Bureau. You can also go check out "A Reluctant Emcee" in Abyss & Apex, and

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