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A bloody funny book, plus giveaways

First off, I’ve got to mention this glowing review of Marvellous Hairy on Goodreads:

My God this was a bloody funny book, a funny book with a potentially insanely important message for our greed driven so called civilisation that has buried our inner monkeys so deep that even our dreams are lacking because of it. Read the rest here…

You can get $3 off the cover price right now, details below. Or buy here on Amazon.

And secondly, if you’d like to check out my first novel, The Amadeus Net, you can enter in the Goodreads giveaway!

Alltop is always bloody funny, but it can’t help the way it looks.

Give a Little Monkeyjoy this holiday

If you’re still looking for gifts, both of my novels are available on Kindle for 99-cents — until the end of the year!

And yes, you can give a Kindle book as a gift. Just click on the “Give as a Gift” button on the right side of the screen when you get to Amazon.

Marvellous Hairy, a novel in five fractals The Amadeus Net

You can also get them in all other formats at Smashwords: Marvellous Hairy | The Amadeus Net.

And, of course, the dead tree versions are also available wherever books are sold online.

Alltop loves dead trees! Especially at Christmas.

More plaudits for Marvellous Hairy — it’s like that!

Kate Sherrod at Kate of Mind has a new review of Marvellous Hairy that I enjoyed. Here’s a taste:

…god damn, did I get a kick out of this whacked-out Tom-Robbins-without-all-the-half-baked-lyricism-esque sci-fi satire of a novel, which takes a firm stand against biotechnology firms and executives who think their wealth and power entitles them to play god without ever getting too didactic, because, well, how didactic can you get exactly when you’ve got a character whose main way of responding to tense or weird situations is to release a dozen macaques (and, once, a Komodo dragon)?

Win a Kindle!

Apparently, the proprietor of The Skwib is out of his tiny little mind, and he’s giving away Kindles. One for liking his Facebook page (when it reaches 2000, he’ll give one away, but you can also be entered by signing up for my newsletter) and one for every 75 copies of Marvellous Hairy sold.

There’s also a 1/10 chance to win a Kindle skin, if you’ve already got a Kindle!

You can get all the details here.

Alltop does not know what a Kindle skin is, but it sounds sexy.