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A Star Forlorn

A star forlornShortly before opening night, Nancy Wiggenstern- plasticbucket-mopsweat- massivepants (nee Pithybush) discovered that her husband, Mr. Arthur Siddly Kramp-gotten Wiggenstern- plasticbucket- mopsweat-massivepants was having an affair with the entire women’s chorus of the Estonian National Ballet’s production of Vile Kelley’s “Bingeputty!”

Unfortunately for the chorus, Nancy Wiggenstern- plasticbucket-mopsweat- massivepants was a sixth dan black belt in the little-known Estonian martial art of SlapNurple, and they were cut down in the middle of the big finale, “Cream Pudding,” their graceful pirouettes turning into a horrific melee that ended in arterial spurts of blood and extremely purple pointy bits.

The critics loved it.

Alltop and humor-blogs.com love Estonian dance. Originally published October 2006.

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