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Excruciating Album Cover Art — Cerrone's Paradise

Cerrone's ParadiseDid you know that fewer than 12% of French households actually had a fridge in 1977? And did you know that it is quite common for advertisers to market orange juice, eggs, wine and other breakfast foods with images of naked women?

That is the kind of marketing genius that is behind Cerrone’s Paradise. Of course, this cover only worked in France (where Cerrone is from) in 1977, where they understood the inherent sexiness of small fridges with naked women draped over them. And of course, spilled yogurt is also a major turn-on.

Not so sure about the unbuttoned disco shirt and the look on Mr. Cerrone’s face that seems to say, “eventually, she will end up in my sexually desirable appliance.”

Cerrone -- SupernatureStrangely, the same basic logic is at play in his follow-up album, “Supernature”, in which Cerrone flashes his man-boobies while several surgeons dressed as pigs check out his ass from underneath an operating table decorated with an anatomically correct model of Emile Zola (without skin). Incidentally, this album cover is a total rip-off of Toulouse Le Grandfig’s “Wax Hospital Fantasy #12”.

Alltop still uses an ice box. You’ll find Paul Zon’s take on this artwork at his Gallery of Bad Album Cover Art. And you’ll find more delightful Cerrone album covers here. Originally published on a cave wall. (2007).