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Colonel Sanders Crosses the Delaware

Great Moments in History (Vol. 1)

Little-known to most historians, “Colonel” Harland Sanders crossed the Delaware on December 25, 1776, just after George Washington’s boat. For his help in feeding the troops and giving free soda refills during the brutal winter of 1776 he was made an “Honorary Colonel”. After the war, the Second Continental Congress [note] awarded him the first fried chicken franchise in the new colonies.

[note:] Of course, the war didn’t actually end until the Treaty of Paris, but Sanders was awarded his honorary title DURING the 2nd Continental Congress. His promotion came after the disastrous winter of 1776, most likely in that July, before they signed the Declaration of Independence. (Incidentally, this happened in Philadelphia, where they shunned their traditional mode of serving steak for a chicken-fried version of the dish, to celebrate Sanders, and the birth of a nation devoted to freedom and saturated fats.)

The rest, as they say, is crave-it-fortnightly history.

Alltop knows some of the herbs and none of the spices. The original oil painting was done by Emanuel Leutze in 1851.

The Lost PowerPoint Slides (4th of July Edition)

FireworksJohn Hancock proposes boycott of British East India Company tea to Colonial housewives, 1769 (slide 4)

  • I agree tea is lovely but coffee is good too
  • Because, this will hurt British
  • Yes, my signature is big
  • No, not indicative of anything else, Madame.

Paul Revere delivers Suffolk Resolves to First Continental Congress, 1774 (final slide)

To recap:

  • no British goods
  • raise militia
  • ignore British rule
  • Intolerable Acts — really intolerable.

Thomas Paine presents Common Sense in Philadelphia, 1776 (slide 3)

Being part of Britain — third problem:

  • drag America into unnecessary wars.

Jefferson previews first draft of Declaration of Independence to other committee members, 1776 (slide 4)

Unalienable rights — further explanation:

  • not being killed or life?
  • freedom from slavery or liberty?
  • pursuit of happiness or — swag, property, bling?
  • open to suggestions…

Jacques-Donatien Le Ray invites Benjamin Franklin to stay at his fully staffed mansion in Paris, 1776 (slide 12)

  • As I love liberty, and believe all men are equal
  • Use my mansion in Passy
  • No electricity experiments is all I ask
  • France and America will always be great friends!

Baron von Steuben drills Continental Army at Valley Forge, 1778 (slide 12)

Key elements of Prussian order:

  • bad food
  • harsh conditions
  • severe discipline
  • “friendship” of your fellow soldier.

Washington farewell address, 1796 (slide 7)

Further, regarding sectionalism:

  • not so sure a two-party state is a good idea.
Happy holiday to everyone in the States, including all the busy bloggers and alltop. Thanks to d4rr3ll for the fireworks photo. Originally published July 4, 2008.