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Guns, Germs & Steel

Okay, I’m a geek, I’ll admit it. When I saw that they’ve done a documentary series on Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs & Steel, and I nearly jumped out of my chair, I was so excited.

It starts tonight on PBS (where else) at 9 pm.

The only reason I’m posting this is because the book influenced my last novel, which I finished in March. The Gates of Polished Horn is a science fiction story that is very much concerned with the same issues Diamond examines in Guns: what causes civilizations to develop?

The series website is here.

Welcome to my news page

Okay, we’re trying something a little different here. I’ve updated this section using WordPress, and will continue to do so. All the original news content (except the reviews) is found under the Original Newspage link.

I’ll be putting notices about news related to my writing, events, ENC Press, and of course, links to reviews and new fiction from me here.

And as this is a blog, I may do a little fiction-related blogging here, though nothing to conflict with the skwib.

Thanks for dropping by!