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Interview in Western News

westernMy authorial compadre at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Kane Faucher, did a great job of interviewing me a while back, and it appeared in print today. Seriously. on PAPER, so you know it’s legit! You can read: “Finding humour in a changing landscape” here.

Western News is the campus paper “of record” for The University of Western Ontario, where I spend goodly part of my time, instructing students on how to create information architectures that won’t become self-aware and destroy all humans. (At least, so far.)

While you’re at it, check out Kane’s website and his books at: Kane X. Faucher. His work is amazing, and I particularly loved his latest satire, Professor Montgomery Cristo: An Adjunct’s Tale.

Alltop is about 23% satire.

Tinfoil hat alert!

Kirby Ferguson, who made the highly enjoyable “Everything is a remix” web documentary, has a new project out, which may be of interest to all you paranoid groovy people.

You can just go sign up for the series here. Assuming the black helicopters don’t come for you first.

Alltop is always on the lookout for reasons to be paranoid.