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Tinfoil hat alert!

Kirby Ferguson, who made the highly enjoyable “Everything is a remix” web documentary, has a new project out, which may be of interest to all you paranoid groovy people.

You can just go sign up for the series here. Assuming the black helicopters don’t come for you first.

Alltop is always on the lookout for reasons to be paranoid.

My conversation with Robert Chazz Chute

Robert Chazz ChuteI’d encourage you all to check out the Cool People Podcast this week, in which the host (and fellow London, ON author) Robert Chazz Chute, and I discuss the singularity, technology, and monkey brains! (And yes, this means I’m officially “cool”.)

Robert Chazz Chute is the award-winning author of the bestselling serial, This Plague of Days, featuring an autistic boy facing down the end of the world in a dystopian future than could begin in real life at any moment. Plus zombies! (But not real zombies.) And possibly vampires! (But not real vampires.)

And if you’re in the Other London (The “For Rest” City), join the two of us to hear us read from our work, talk more complete shite, and even offer some tips on how to do the self-publishing thing.

London Central Library (Stevenson & Hunt Room)
7 pm
Thursday, November 14
Facebook Event Page

Alltop loves a good zombie-monkey-brain tale.