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Fun Times in Strange Lands

The prolific Ahmed Khan has just released the list of stories appearing in one of his upcoming anthologies, Fun Times in Strange Lands.

I was pleased to see that “Hounding Manny” made the grade for this anthology, which is aimed at “precocious” 10-12 year olds who enjoy speculative fiction. Fully illustrated too, which is cool.

“Hounding Manny” is a reprint of a story originally published in Oceans of the Mind. You can find “Hounding Manny” here. Bonus points if you spot the inspiration for the title character. Come on it’s easy!

Bibleeohfile reviews The Amadeus Net

Wmozsil-wbghat do you know, another complimentary review of my first novel!

What I love about this review is the great thumbnails Hayden draws of the various characters:

The other characters had compelling stories and I loved how many of their stories were wrapped around Mozart’s. We have Bella, the psychopathic artist, born after the Shudder who grew up with her survivalist father. She’s beautiful, twisted, insane, and completely devoted to her art. There’s Les, the boring Canadian diplomat with an obsession for Helen Printo, a self-serving investigative reporter who will stop at nothing to get a story. She’s “friendly” with Alex Burton, a cruel, former black-ops solider who is desperate to get the funds together for an upcoming trip into outer space. He’s got plans to sell Mozart to the highest bidder. Oh, and we can’t forget Katerina, the beautiful Czech woman Mozart has found himself in love with. Did I mention she’s a lesbian? Or that she’s half in love with Helen Printo, and half in lust with Bella?

I also love that the book raises questions for her. You can read the whole thing here.

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