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It's orange, it's arty, it's Orangurrific! Call my lawyer.

Like the suicidal Deep Impact probe, a plucky Austrian Orangutan has burst through the outer crust of the distant and icy art world to revealed the mysteries that lie within.

Collectors are flooding the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna with requests to purchase paintings done by the Orangu-master, Nonja.

Perhaps this is inspired by the recent sale of Congo the Chimp’s primitive artwork for more than $25,000? No, that can’t be true!

There is no crass commercial reason for Nonja’s popularity, but an explosive realization of her brilliance. She’s orange. She’s arty. She paints with her toes AND hands.

Not only that, she has to deal with the repugnant Vladimir, her erstwhile boyfriend who is no doubt jealous of her success after his failure to produce such exquisite works of art as Nonja. (She lost thousands in commissions after he ate several of her completed works.)

One can only hope that she is not sued by Vladimir for his gastro-intestinal distress, much like NASA is being sued for altering the horoscope of a beleaguered Russian astrologist. It could happen.

Vladimir has a very good lawyer.

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