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Designing a new cover for Marvellous Hairy (2e)

As you may know, Marvellous Hairy is almost out of print (there are a few copies available at Amazon) and Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink has gone out of business and morphed into Enigmatic Ink. I imagine I’ll republish through EI, but in the meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to come up with some new cover art to go with the new edition.

Dr. Maximilian Tundra has been good enough to help me with this, and here’s what he has come up with so far. I’d appreciate your votes on what is your favourite. Click on the thumbnail to see a high-res version. (Note to all you graphic designers: there is a bleed included on these images, so Nick’s hand won’t look cut off.)

Grungy with Nick


I love this picture and kind of think of him as Nick. Not sure about the grungy bg textures or text though.

Big Fractal with Nick

shell background

This is a similar approach, but it has a lighter touch and the text is much crisper. The fractal in the background is way cool.

Monkey with history fractal

parchment monkey

This is cool — I like the subtle fractal in the background, but does it look like a historical novel?

Funky fractal

funky fractal

This fractal is awesome, but is it too science fictiony?

Frufru fractal


Not sure.

Vote — feel free to leave any suggestions you have in the comments!

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