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A draft of The Fridgularity. Yes, he still kills trees for proofing.

Mark may teach at a school for librarians, but he is not a librarian himself. That explains the sketchiness of this bibliography and the fact that he has had to check the spelling of “bibliography” at least twice. So, while this is not an exhaustive list, he has tried to list most of the fiction. (Okay, there’s some stuff that he wrote in high school and during his undergraduate years, but do you really want to subject yourself to that?)

For the remainder of the website, he will not talk about himself in the third person. It’s just creepy.

The bibliography follows:



2017  The Fatness, London, ON: Monkeyjoy Press (Nov.)

2012   The Fridgularity, London, ON: Monkeyjoy Press (Nov.)

2010   Marvellous Hairy, 2/e, London, ON: Monkeyjoy Press (Jul.)

2009   Marvellous Hairy, London, ON: Crossing Chaos enigmatic ink (Sep.)

2005  The Amadeus Net, Hoboken, NJ:ENC Press


2012 Pirate Therapy and Other Cures, London, ON: Monkeyjoy Press   (Mar.)

2003  Mark A. Rayner, John Sloan, Malcolm Ruddock, David B. Lurie. The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle, Volume One. London, ON:Dancing Men Press.

Short Fiction Publications (Selected)

2016 “Wormageddon” The Saturday Evening Post, Nov., 2016.

2016 “The Real Primo” Corvus Review, Fall 2016

2016 “Empty Space Times Two” The Saturday Evening Post, May, 2016.

2015 “The Ruins“, Caesura Letters, October, 2015

2015 “At the Gruntwerx Board of Directors Meeting“, Western News, June, 2015

2014  “Why’s Wally”, Jersey Devil Press, January, 2014.

2011  “Jesussic Park”, Hobo Pancakes, August, 2011.

2010  “Disquieting Postcards I’ve Recently Received from My Future Self “, AE – The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Vol. 1, 1

2010   “An outraged diner emails the In-Vitro Café”, Defenestration Magazine, Fall Issue

2010   “Rebranding Thor” Defenestration Magazine – Literary Humor, April Issue

2009  “The Epiphany of Leonard’s Toenails” Yareah Magazine, April Issue

2009  “The Monkey’s Tail . . .” Yareah Magazine, February Issue (reprint)

2007 “Under the Blue Curve”. Abyss & Apex, Fourth Quarter Issue

2006  “Gross Bodies and Light Convertible”. Oceans of the Mind, Fall Issue

2005  “The Monkey’s Tail €¦”. Broken Pencil, Issue 29 (reprint)

2005  “The Onus of Survival”. Aoife’s Kiss, Fall Issue

2005  “Through the Lattice”. Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, Summer Issue

2004  “The Monkey’s Tail €¦”. Trunk Stories, Fall Issue

2004  “The Feet Feelers of Frigheim Nine”. Fortean Bureau, December Issue

2004  “A Reluctant Emcee”.  Abyss & Apex, Fourth Quarter Issue

2004   “The Imitation Game”. Nostalgia, Vol. 1, Issue 12.

2004   “The Ghost and Its King”. Neometropolis, Fall Issue

2004   “The Consolation of Victory”. Paradox, Winter Issue

2003   “Close to the Wind”. Far Sector SFFH (Fictionwise.com), Fall Issue

2003   “Un port dans la tempete”. Solaris, Fall Issue (Nominated: 2003 Auroras)

2003   “The rush of heaven downward”. Flash Me, Vol. 1, Issue 2

2002   “Hounding Manny”. Oceans of the Mind, Issue VI

2002   “The Gallant Captain Oates”. Would That It Were, Summer Issue

2002   “The Afrikaaners of East Nissouri”. Would That It Were, Winter Issue

2001   “After the Internet”. Western Alumni Gazette, Fall Issue (Nominated: 2002 Auroras)

2000   “Courage Translated”. TT2000 Anthology

1999   “Any Port in a Storm”. Parsec, Summer Issue (Nominated: 2000 Auroras)

Plays Produced

2003   Mark A. Rayner, Cole Lewis & Company. Cordially Entertaining Emily Chesley.  Suitcase in Point: Toronto Fringe Festival, August  and Old Courthouse Theatre, St. Catharines, July.

1993   Duet for Killers, Small and Dangerous Theatre Company. Prague. June.

1989   Mark A. Rayner & Gary Wagner. The Spy Who Bugged Me. Queens Players. March.

Selected Non-Fiction

2006   “Feeding the Beast”.  Commentary on CBC Radio, The Arts Tonight. May 10.

2006   “A Softer Ride Through the Snow”.  Research Western.

2006   “A Twenty Year Quest to End AIDS”. Research Western.

2006   “Peerless Point of Purchase”. Research Western.

2006   “Turning Chaff Into a Cash Crop”.  Research Western.  Other articles available at http://www.uwo.ca/industry/faculty/about_success.html.

2006   “Amadeus and the anatomy of waiting”. Queen’s Alumni Review. Issue 1.

2002   “A Blog By Any Other Name….” The Ottawa Citizen.  March 31.  Reprinted in the Calgary Herald in May.

2001   “Hugo’s New Home Brew”. Made in Canada Newsletter.  December.  Reprinted in  a collection in 2002.

2000   “Global Warming: The Great Experiment”. Western Alumni Gazette.  Spring Issue.

1999   “The Battle to Beat Arthritis”.  Western Alumni Gazette.  Spring Issue.

1999   Study Guide: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The Grand Theatre.  London, Ontario. May.

1999   “Western Institute Plans For Reducing Disaster Loss”. Western News. May 13.

1999   Study Guide: The Importance of Being Earnest.  The Grand Theatre.  London, Ontario. April.

1999   Study Guide: Homeward Bound.  The Grand Theatre.  London, Ontario. March.

1999   Study Guide: The Stone Angel.  The Grand Theatre.  London, Ontario. February.

1999   “The Commercialization of Higher Education”  Western Alumni Gazette. Spring Issue.

1998   Study Guide: Cabaret.  The Grand Theatre.  London, Ontario. October.

1998   Study Guide: Ethan Claymore. The Grand Theatre.  London, Ontario. November.

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