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New Olympic Motto: Swifter, Higher, Bloodier

Certain death awaits the skip unless these sweepers slow down the skeleton-rider

We love the Winter Olympics. They are much more fun than the Summer Olympics, but let’s face it, everyone at The Skwib will be boycotting the 2008 Olympics, except General Kang who is the competing in the “One Meter Pistol Event” (not to be confused with the 50-meter Land Requisition Event).

So we would like to see a few extra sports at this games to warm our memories while we’re boycotting 2008. We also think some of the next Winter sports could be a bit more exciting with a few minor tweaks.

Our first suggestion is to combine Curling and Skeleton — the most fascinating and most dangerous competitions combined in one sport: Skurlington | More improved Winter Olympic Sports | Not athletic at all really