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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Edition)

Joan of Arc, well after hearing the voicesJoan of Arc presents “Voices in a Field” (circa 1424) –> Slide 3

  • in field
  • heard voice of St. Michael, St. Catherine, St. Margaret
  • they told me to drive out the English
  • bring Dauphin to Reims for coronation
  • and to wear asbestos armor, whatever that is.

Joseph Smith presents “Correct church” (circa 1819) –> Slide 5

  • in grove of trees
  • God and Jesus appeared to me
  • told me no established church was correct
  • I should join none of them
  • and also, go treasure hunting.

L. Ron Hubbard presents “Xenu and You” (circa 1967) –> slide 12

  • in my private ship, and “researched” this story:
  • Xenu was galactic dictator 75 million years ago
  • brought billions to Earth in DC-8-like space ships
  • killed them with hydrogen bombs and messed with their souls.
  • Did I mention I was living on a diet of alcohol and pills?

Inspired by Joan of Arc’s birthday (January 6, 1412) and the funky pic by pwbaker. More hilarious hallucinations available at


  1. I think you’ve read more L. Ron Hubbard than is healthy.

    Which is like, any.

  2. Guilty as charged. I read Battlefield Earth long before it became one of the funniest movies in history. m.

  3. Gold plates, rofl.

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