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Passive-Aggressive Punctuation

Designer Ze Frank has a creative way of dealing with those annoying client emails that he has to answer politely, and dare we say, with a certain amount of unctuousness. The customer is always right, but this kind of constant kowtowing can cause anger to build up, and eventually, something bad will happen. You know, an event that involves sniper rifles and bell-towers, or epic schnapps benders that end with you found dead and naked (not necessarily in that order) somewhere in Tijuana. Or, it might just develop into an internal time bomb [youtube clip].

But wait, Ze has found a way to write those cringing, polite emails without a Vesuvius of Rage building inside your brain. Just mentally replace the punctuation with your own set of phrases that will make you feel like you’re saying what you really mean. Click on the image or here to go see Ze’s (older but still funny) presentation:

Passive-Aggressive Punctuation

Everyone always says what they mean at and alltop too.


  1. what the hell? i’m first?! i think it’s just a no comment kind of day. i’m trying not to take it personally.

    i watched the video. very funny!

  2. oh, i forgot to add 🙂

  3. well, that didn’t work.

  4. Yes, that’s just passive (and happy). : )

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