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Carnival of Satire (#100)

Carnival of Satire (#100)Congratulations to Madeleine Begun Kane for being the ONLY PERSON to send someone else’s satire to this 100th edition. And it’s a great piece, by Rickey Henderson. Strap on your dusty fedora and get ready to whip up some laughter as you peruse: A Memo from the Office of Steven R. Lawlor, CPA, to Indiana Jones .

And while you’re wiping the tears out of your eyes, check out Mad’s latest satirical limerick: George Who???.

Dem reports on the more sober Today’s the Day the Teddybears Have Their Annual Company-Wide Meeting.

Chris Cameron believes the Beatles Were Just Another Hair Band. Get ready for the hate email Chris.

C. Fraser has some Canadian satire in his continuing series on Canadian Mystery: What is Burried on Oak Island?.

El Burro is amused by the CBS Purchase of Bleeding-Edge Company CNET. Is color tele-vision to follow?.

Brent Diggs has learned why so many web designers are slightly mad as he explores The Harsh Demands of Internet Explorer.

The Whited Sepulchre presents Hillary On The Night Shift .

Thad Guy presents New Zealand & The Curse of Natural Resources

Renal Failure presents Forty ounces of denounce

And in the not satire, but it’s included category, O. Daille Nation-Ashley presents Legal Thriller Style Scam Classic: The Enron Implosion O.Daille also plays well with others, and submitted someone else’s post. You can find an amusing article written by this generous soul about the paucity of gruntled lawyers here.

And that’s it for the 100th edition. A copy of The Amadeus Net will be on the way to Mad and O.Daille for being good sports. We’ll be back to the usual..ish format in two weeks with the 101st edition. Still wondering what satire is? Someone wrote something about it once, we think. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, Ferdy’s permanent floating ping festival, and for the listings at the Blog Carnival too. Also, you may find some satire here and here if you explore a bit. A special thanks to macieklew for his hung-out-to-dry teddy bear pic.

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  1. Sorry Mark, I didn’t see the Not Your Own Work part until right after I submitted.

    Someone should write something satirical about self-promotional blindness.

    I’d submit it for them.

  2. Don’t worry about it. Way back in the early days of the carnival I had a few generous souls who found all kinds of interesting stuff and submitted it, and I was just nostalgic. m.

  3. Thanks for the addition to the carnival. It’s my first carnival, I’m very excited.

    I though you had mentioned in a post that submitting your own post was OK, but I think you alluded to the fact that you would prefer submission of posts you found.

    My other excuse is, I’m terrible at self-promotion, so thought I would work on my skills.

    In the future I’ll work on submitting other peoples work rather than my own, unless someone wants to form a Mutually Beneficial Carnival Submission Cabal and then we can just go around submitting each others stuff and corner the market.

    I like Brent’s suggestion about writing something satirical about self-promotional blindness. I’ll double submit it.

  4. Hehe I didn’t realize it wasn’t supposed to be our own content. At least I picked my best essay. Thanks for adding me to the carnival 🙂

    On a side note, I wrote that thing a year ago and I still get people asking if I was serious. Yes I am and don’t call me Shirley…

    Punching out Maverick..

  5. Don’t worry about it folks — I was hoping more people would get in the spirit of the thing, but this is the danger of an automated form. Way too easy to miss this kind of change. Next one is back to normal — self-promote away! m.

  6. Bummer LOBO — I did not get the submission. And they would have been great additions.

  7. I forwarded the copies again … did your email filter snag ’em? There may be LOTS of submissions in there …

    We can have a C.O.S. 100.1!!!


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