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Carnival of Satire (#112)

The new global currencyWelcome to the 112th edition of the Carnival. As you might expect, the economy is on the mind of many of us, though clearly, for some of us, the economy has made us lose our minds:

This week’s title graphic includes a bit of Azrainmain’s latest Photoshop satire. See the whole image and get a sneak peek at the new Global Currency.

Sometimes politics can get weird, and The Satirical Political Report proves this with this news item: Congress Passes New ‘Seinfeld’ Law: AIG Execs ‘Have to Be Our Butlers’

On the topic of the AIG bonuses, xkcd has a perfectly crumulent point:

dishonest reporting

Future Update has the surprising news that Rush Limbaugh will still be alive in the year 2029. The rest of the update isn’t as shocking: Limbaugh Says He Hopes President Fails to Save Humanity

There’s a large contingent in the Middle East who hope that Christopher Khawand’s submission is true: Obama Vows to ‘Beat Off’ Insurgents in Iraq by 2010.

In totally unrelated news (we hope) David Aulick presents Upcoming Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors.

Tis the tax season, and Madeleine Begun Kane finds An Up Side.

Shawn Bryan has the court-mandated column from Homeschooled Harry and his take on health care .

Finally, Aaron Rogier has some health notes for us, in 7 reasons to sleep in .

And that’s it for the 112th edition. Thanks to these fine folks for helping us with webby-stuff: the Blog Carnival for their form; and the listings at the Ubercarnival, Ferdy’s permanent floating ping festival, and for the listings at the Blog Carnival too. Also, you may find some satire here if you poke around a bit. Here too.