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X Saves the World

As a card-carrying member of Generation X, I saw this old ad on JibJab, and thought immediately thought, oh, so that explains why the Boomers screwed everything up so badly:

Click here if the embedded video didn’t work.

I think I may need to read X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking.

Alltop and are slackers too.


  1. I think that video injured my neck.

  2. How to give yourself shaken baby syndrome….. anybody who bought and used one of these things must have neck and brain damage.

  3. Not to mention all the drugs!

  4. jen jen

    Are you aware of the Gen X bloggers trying to take over hte world? here are a few: me, gen x files, latchkey man, junkdrawer67, xtician, punch in the face. they’ll luv this. it’s so funny.

  5. haha! I love the part in the boat. It’s like the Somalian Pirate Air Force …

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