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How it all began, I mean, AFTER the nuclear explosion

Hello, you are calling Soto Noodle![phone rings]

Sumiko: Soto Noodle — you will want to suck them fast!

Godzilla: So you serve noodles?

Sumiko: Yes sir, we are noodle shop.

Godzilla: Excellent, I’d like an order of noodles, shaken not stirred.


Sumiko: I’m sorry sir, what you say?

Godzilla: No, wait I’ve changed my mind. Is your refrigerator running?

Sumiko: Of course it is sir.

Godzilla: Then you’d better go catch it! No wait, say “is your refrigerator running!”

Sumiko: Fuck uh you, sir!

[sound of Gozilla screeching in city-rending rage on other end]

Alltop definitely has Prince Albert in a can! Photo via Postaltrice. From my collection, Pirate Therapy and Other Cures.

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