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Thrashing awesome etiquette!

Tuesdays is cheap movie night again. (I’m not sure how long it has been so, but I was surprised this summer to discover this quaint tradition has returned.)

Now, in case you plan on wading through the crowds to see some fine cinematic entertainment. (Your odds are low, actually, to see something fine, though if you lower your expectations enough, you may leave entertained. Recently, some movies have dropped below even the lowest of thresholds, leading some to posit the Fallacy of Lowered Expectations.)

Lowered expectations or not, there are certain polite behaviours that are expected of you, even in this Age of Incivility. And now, for the musical explanation:


Click here if the embedded video started to bleed from the ears.

Alltop and are exceedingly polite. Apologies for publishing the aural assault a day early.