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Taking It To the Limit

man playing strange musical instrumentVerndor Flemchuckler, a trained flautist and Norwegian organist of some repute, lost his mind on December 14, 1911 (ironically, the very same day his countryman and Emily Chesley reached the South Pole).

The result of this unfortunate loss of mental faculty was the Pegstrame-insterfligen-burbjor (for which there is no translation as it is gibberish in both English and Norwegian).

Apparently, it was intended to make music of some kind, but all it did was cause its listeners to either swallow their own tongues or in some unfortunate cases, swallow the tongue of the person standing next to them. (And not in a sexy way.)

Rarely, victims of the device became devotees of the accordion.

Alltop plays the accordion, and subsequently, is not in a rock and roll band. Photo via Vintage Photos.