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Take me to your breeder

Klaktron XII and WendyKlaktron XII was the Hyper-Commander of the United Federation of Incredibly Regular Planets Space Vessel, Cheeznip. His was a storied career. He’d eaten ultrasonic oysters in the Seafood Nebula, and lived to tell the tale (in five-part harmony). He’d fought the Mighty Slorg at the Interstellar Buffet of Shame and All-You-Can Ingest Space Bacon, narrowly escaping with a portion of the coveted Prime Rib. (Only served on Wednesdays.) And of course, he’d single-handedly defeated the Whiffle-Bat Armada of the Planet Cuddles.

But he’d never fallen in love.

Alltop was admiral of the Whiffle-Bat Armada. Photo via Twisted Vintage. Originally published, May 2010.