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Marvellous Hairy Podcasts — Episode Nine

The Marvellous Hairy PodcastsEpisode Nine — Part Three (Chapters four to eight): This slightly shorter episode is all about being shaken down, stood up, and freaked out. In chapter four, Seedy and Spider put their kidnapping plan in to action, causing Hippolyta to be both amused and terrified. Ariadne stands up Shute, and we discover that he’s even colder than we thought. Erma isn’t exactly stood up by Nick, but she sure is worried about him, as she should be. We end with another update to Nick’s journal, in his Titania3000.

An excerpt from his journal:

Friends are so lovely. You feel safer around them. I like their smells, even the disgusting ones. You know they’re safe, not like the strange smells outside. The scary smells of all those throngs of people walking and laughing and hurting one another in the world. So many of them.
I am so itchy. My body seems to be covered in tiny dark hairs, darker than normal.

I need to work on the opus, but is gettttting ssso hard to type. It’ssss like IIIII can’tttt ccccontroll the pressssurreee with my fingerssssss.



I could rrrrreally goooo forrrr a bananananananan smoo-oo-oothy —

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