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Marvellous Hairy Podcasts — Episode Ten

The Marvellous Hairy PodcastsEpisode Ten — Part Four (Chapters one and two): Determined to save Ariadne and Nick, Rob goes to Gargantuan the next day, but he is unable to get past the (potty-mouthed) guard at the elevator. Meanwhile, Shute springs a hell of a question on Helena, but allows her to talk to Larry the Letch, who is the lead researcher turning Nick into a monkey.

An excerpt from chapter one, as Rob tries to visit Helena, and is prevented by the security guard:

“That’s not a valid ID, sir,” he said. His voice had a little more of an edge to it now, as though he was saying to me, “I may be a security guard, but I’m not an idiot.” I didn’t think he was an idiot. Really. I would never assume that about someone just because of their job. “What is your business on the upper floors, sir.”

He kept saying “sir” like it was some kind of insult, I mean, I’m sure he was saying “sir” but the subtext was all different. Actually, what I heard was different. So while he said, “What is your business on the upper floors, sir,” what I heard was, “What is your business on the upper floors, you lying sack of shit.”

It kind of threw me.

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