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Go Tuck (erize) Yourself!

Go Tuck (erize) Yourself!Win a walk on role in my next novel, one of ten free copies of my new book Marvellous Hairy or take home a mystery item from my desk.

All you have to do is either:

  1. join my Facebook fan page, or
  2. join my mailing list, the MonkeySphere.

I promise not to spam you relentlessly, and in exchange, I’m going to give away ten copies of Marvellous Hairy, a THING from the contents of my desk, and a chance to appear in my next novel.

That’s the Tuck(erize) part. Worried about what Tuckerization is all about? Simply put, Tuckerization is taking a person’s name, and making them a part of the story. I’m describing it as a walk-on roll, but you might like to think of it as a cameo. I’ll chat with you about what how you’d like your name to be presented, and what characteristics you’d like this person to have in my book. You can even decide which book you’d like to be in! (I’m working on two separate manuscripts right now.)

You can read more about Tuckerization at Wikipedia.

Join my Facebook page here.

Join my mailing list, the MonkeySphere, here.

Contest ends on October 31, 2009.

Here are the prizes again:

  • walk on role in my next book (1 prize)
  • mystery item from my desk (1 prize)
  • copy of Marvellous Hairy (10 prizes)*

*Note: if you’ve already purchased a copy of Marvellous Hairy, first of all thanks. Secondly, I can send you either a copy of my first novel, The Amadeus Net or if you’ve got that, we’ll figure something out.


  1. DR DR


  2. Brittany Beth Brittany Beth

    Excellent! I joined both.

  3. admin admin

    Cool — you only needed to join one, but you’ll get different updates so hopefully it’s worth it!

  4. Ok I joined (I think), when do I win?

  5. admin admin

    Shall I put you down for the “mystery” item?

  6. Miley Miley

    October is my lucky month 🙂

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