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Vintage Ads of Fictional Futures, Mark II

Vintage Ads of Fictional FuturesIt’s back!

This contest ran a couple of years ago, and it was a lot of fun, so let’s do it again.

Here’s the concept: find a vintage ad, and then create a product from a created world — it can be from a book, movie, TV, etc. It doesn’t have to be science fiction; you could go with a fantasy world, an alternate reality, whatever. The only proviso is that it has to have been written by someone else, so none of your own bizarre fictional futures. Here’s a couple I mocked up, based on the grim post-apocalyptic THE ROAD and the less-grim, but still post-apocalyptic THE POSTMAN (both books worth reading, btw):

The Road - portable meal systems The Genius of America - postman spoof

It doesn’t have to be post-apocalyptic, by the way. If you’re more of an optimistic Star Trek kind of person, then I’m happy to see Oil of Olay ads featuring Warf, scotch ads with Scotty, or ear-hair trimming systems endorsed by Quark.

Here are the finalists from last time to help you get the idea.

Or you can in a gallery here“>check out the gallery for this year’s contest is here.

How to enter:

  1. create your masterpiece (a jpg, png, pfd or gif, please)
  2. post it to your blog, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous … or just email it to me
  3. let me know about it (including the work it’s based on), in the comments, by email (markarayner-at-gmail-dot-com) or Twitter (@markarayner) — let me know who to credit, and include your website if you watn
  4. they will go in a gallery here, and I’ll update the blog periodically too
  5. do it by midnight, Monday October 4th
  6. wait for the aplomb and/or ridicule of your peers
  7. I’ll narrow it down to a shortlist of five, and then everyone can vote on those.

The Prizes:

The winner chooses from:

  • a walk-on appearance in the novel I’m currently working on (this will be the last chance for a year at least)
  • a tshirt from either of my shops, CafePress or Wordans

The runner up:

  • whatever the winner didn’t choose

All five finalists:

All entrants:

Some things that may help
Vintage Ads at Livejournal
Vintage Ads search results at Flickr

Go be awesome!

Alltop is instantly vintage. Wiki: synopsis of The Road, and plot outline of The Postman


  1. Michael Michael

    A walk-on appearance in a novel – hysterical !

    Also, I love that Baby Food add – “Now With More Baby” and if I post it on my blog I’ll surely give credit to SKWIB !!!
    Lots of fun here from what I’ve seen 🙂

  2. Looking forward to your entry — I’m sure you’ll come up with something great!

  3. Andy Andy

    Can it be kind of a stagger-on appearance?

  4. Randy S. Randy S.


    That is all.

  5. I’ll let my crushing ignorance of Klingon grammar stand, so that makes sense. 🙂

  6. Randy S. Randy S.

    Entry submitted via email.

    Personal fav so far is Nikko Recruitment Poster. Beautiful.

  7. […] Author Mark Rayner is repeating his successful contest inviting entrants to design advertising posters in a retro style for products from fictional futures. The winner gets a “walk on” appearance in Rayner’s next book. (I think one of […]

  8. A Noun A Noun

    I would love that Slurm ad, if not for the detestable typo in the headline. Everyone please spell check your entries!

  9. Randy S. Randy S.

    Thank you, noun. I felt it would have been in poor taste to point it out, as I’m one of the finalists, but I agree.

  10. Randy S. Randy S.

    …also see “hazardous” and “caffeine”, which leads me to believe perhaps not a native English speaker, so some leeway should probably be given. Still, spell check, yeah.

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