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Winner of the Canada Reads t-shirt pimping prize

blue t-shirt showing rules of MopironinzeeAs an incentive to get people to nominate Marvellous Hairy for Canada Reads this year, I promised to hold a draw for a t-shirt from all the people who helped out.

I strongly suspect that people nominated the novel because either they liked it, or they like me, or they think that I will, at some future date, help them in a similar manner. (I will.) However, I’m still giving away the t-shirt. And it’s going to Ian Ferguson.

Ian, as it turns out, is somewhat a known quantity on the Canadian literary/theatrical scene. At this point, I should state that the draw for the extremely excellent t-shirt (shown above) was entirely random. That said, I hope to see stories about people playing monkey-pirate-robot-ninja-zombie in Victoria very soon. (This game is known amongst the hip kids as “mopironinzee”.)

So congrats to Ian, and for the rest of you who helped out — you know who you are — the offer of a coupon for $2 off Marvellous Hairy or a crudely drawn picture of a Canadian celebrity as a monkey stands. Just let me know your preference via Twitter, email or Facebook.

Canada Reads announces its long list tomorrow.