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Mercury Falls re-release

Mercury FallsIn case you missed it first time around, which would be a shame, you should check out my blog-buddy Rob Kroese’s Mercury Falls. is re-releasing it through its Books About Angels and Linoleum program.

It’s a fun and crazy story about bureaucratic wrangling amongst angels and demons over how the apocalypse will actually proceed. Or IF it will; the human protagonist and the angel Mercury are against the end of the world, the former because she lives there, and the latter because he’s still not very good at ping pong.

The first time out, Rob and I interviewed one another (as the Mercury Falls release fell about the same time of the release of Marvellous Hairy) about the writing process, novels and monkey-angel parity.

You can find the first part of the conversation at his blog, Matress Police, and the second half here, on The Skwib.

Mercury Falls is available on Kindle now, and you can pre-order the re-release here.