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A dystopia in which we can all believe

betty white power poster
Icelandic artist, filmmaker, and musician Omar Hauksson presents a futuristic vision for us to revel in:

We here at Nakatomi only tolerate one kind of White Power- BETTY WHITE POWER! Betty White rules the atomic wasteland with an iron fist, making sure we’re all nice to our domestic pets. If you kick a dog, she will cut you man. Cut you quick.

You can get the print here.

Alltop takes iron fist supplement with every breakfast.


  1. TJ TJ

    Is it art?

    Yes. Definitely. 🙂 It says all that needs to be said about our current politic/sociologic/even economic situation. What it is saying exactly is up to interpretation. Maybe a desire for a fascist nanny (or should I say Grandma) state. At least there will be cookies and sweaters with love in every stitch. 🙂

  2. And don’t forget how she sits in on all those celebrity roasts. She’ll cut you with wit in addition to her nuclear-powered switchblade.

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