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Writing novels … buying novels

Dear regular readers (and all you bunged-up readers too),

I won’t be posting tons of original stuff for the next couple of weeks as I finish work on my new novel. On a related note, did you know I write novels? (You may have missed the ad over there to the right.)

So if you’d like to read some more of my stuff that is, frankly, WAY better than the rantings and delirium I churn out here on a regular basis, you should check them out. And if you’re reading this on Monday, January 17, and you own a Kindle, you’re in luck! You can still get a copy of Marvellous Hairy for $1.99! Goodreads members can get the epub version there for $1.99.

Marvellous Hairy is about a surrealistic novelist being turned into a monkey-man by an unscrupulous biotech giganto-corp, and his circle of friends trying to set things right. Available in many places, but you can get $2 off if you sign up for my newsletter and purchase at Amazon.

My first novel, The Amadeus Net, is the story of an immortal Mozart, his dalliance with sex-change surgery, Czech (lesbian) nurses, and a sentient utopian city. You will make my editor’s day if you buy The Amadeus Net direct from ENC Press.

Now here is a cartoon about robots:

cartoon about robots

Alltop thinks all this crass commercialism is disgusting.

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