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Marvellous Hairy Podcasts — Episode Thirteen

The Marvellous Hairy PodcastsEpisode Thirteen — Part IV (Chapters eight to twelve): Hippolyta comes up with a way for her kidnappers to get her father’s codes, while giving her some hope of surviving the whole caper. Rob, Ariadne, Helena, Erma and Max cook up a plan to get Shute, and let the whole world know about what Gargantuan has done to Nick. Shute gets some great news about his ménage, and Rob discovers that he can learn about things in a new way.

An excerpt:

As we were going over the notes again, a picture emerged of where Hippolyta was — not from good detective work, though the skeptics amongst you will say that’s what it was. I just saw it. I thought I could smell the Shade of Antonia’s perfume as an image of an old husk of an apartment building filled my mind.

I described it to everyone, almost like I was reading the description from a kidnapper’s guide book: “The Skanky Apartments, down in the un-gentrified part of the docklands are a perfect setting for any kind of shady endeavour, but if you plan to kidnap and freakishly dismember an heiress, you couldn’t ask for a nicer location. There’s no people around, there’s lots of ambiance, and the rooms are decorated in the original retro style. Just add fungus and decay and you have felonious magic!”

Everyone looked at me the way they did when the first saw Nick, post monkeyfication.

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