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Professor Quippy: Finally, an excuse we can all get behind

Professor QuippyWho knew that giving up mastery of your domain could provide significant release — uh, relief — of restless leg syndrome (RLS). This wankingly good news was recently discovered by Luis Marin and colleagues at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil.

RLS is no joke. It’s a disturbing need to move your legs, caused by — as yet — unidentified neurological problems. A dopamine imbalance is one of the features of this syndrome, and drugs that increase dopamine levels can help. But the researchers in Brazil have found that sufferers get complete release — sorry, relief — after masturbating.

Unfortunately, it might not be the kind of relief you can get on your morning commute.

The extra good news? Sex has the same effect!

Alltop doesn’t like the whole “master of the domain” euphemism. More details about this study at The New Scientist.