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Ask General Kang: I can’t stop playing Civilization V. Can you help?

ask general kangHmm. Do you have access to an intergalactic armada and enough firepower to conquer another world? If so, then I think I can help you, but I’ll need to borrow them first.

If not, then you’re screwed.

Everybody knows that Civ is basically electronic crack. My advice is to take it like a bipedal hominid! Just play until your eyes start to bleed. Try not to whine about it so much, as you lose your sight, feeling, and capacity to think in non-turn-based time. It distracts the rest of us from our games. I’m building the Pyramids!

Next week: About that slimy alien creature that crawled into my ear a couple of months ago — do you think it could be taking over my … garble, garble … NEVER MIND.

pirate therapy


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Alltop is still excited about Monopoly. Originally published in May, 2005.

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