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Bob Newhart's call from Walter Raleigh

This is great on a couple of levels. First of all, it makes you think about all the strange little things we take for granted around us. I’m sure a similar conversation happened when Thag cracked open his first oyster and slurped it down (no doubt in a fit of starvation) and then relayed how good it was to his buddy Tharg.

Secondly, it shows value of thinking obliquely. And then lighting it on fire.

Alltop misses snuff.

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  1. I remember a time when I was getting high with some hippie friends of mine and we discussed which “Bob” was the iconic “Bob”: Bob Dylan or Bob Marley. We decided that actually, Bob Newhart was the unsung Bob, and we embarked on a drug-addled quest to find some Bob Newhart. (We had plenty of Marley and Dylan on hand) Mr. Newhart is right up there with the best of Bobs. Funnier than Marley, more lucid than Dylan. To Bob!

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