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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (War of the Worlds Edition)

War of the Worlds graphic from 1898Orson Wells and Mercury Theatre present “this just in” (slide 2)

    We interrupt this program to bring you a news bulletin:
  • strange explosions on Mars
  • meteorite landed in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey.

Orson Wells and Mercury Theatre present “this just in” (slide 3)

  • reporter Carl Philips here at landing site
  • large crowd watching Martian rocket ship open up
  • heat rays vaporize people in crowd
  • O the humanity!

Dwayne Lunchbucket, listening to the radio in Schenectady, NY, presents “I’m freakin’ out” (only slide)

  • Martians, Martians!
  • Aiiiiii!
  • [sound of front door slamming after I run out of house, screaming like a little girl]

Orson Wells and Mercury Theatre present “this just in” (slide 7)

  • Martians spraying poison gas
  • US Army can’t stop them
  • total annihilation imminent.

Radio-listening public presents “hey, let’s panic!” (several thousand slides, repeated over and over)

  • is it really Martians?
  • no, must be a mistake, it’s the Germans!
  • The Germans have invaded?
  • Yep, Germans!
  • Aiiiii!

Orson Wells presents “it’s just a play people” (slide 6)

  • once again, we remind you that this is just a play
  • a performance by The Mercury Theater
  • I am boy genius, Orson Wells, and we will serve no drama before its time.

Inspired by:
Anniversary of original radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds, October 30, 1938