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Ask General Kang: A long question…

Ask General KangDear General Kang:
My apologies for this really long question, but there is an old phrase that I’m not sure of the beginning. It goes something like:

1. With a lick and a promise.
2. A lick and a promise.
3. Do it with a lick and a promise.
4. Don’t do it with a lick and a promise.

I was under the assumption it meant don’t do something half way, do it to the best of your ability. But I just heard otherwise. Please let me know. Thanks, I don’t want to be embarrassed!

~Mary N. and Mary D.

Dear Two Maries Writing in the Singular:
General Kang is too excited to answer your naughty question.

Next time: How often should you change the filter on my Britta Alien Cleansing Unit?

Alltop promises content with a lick of humor. Originally published in December, 2005. SERIOUSLY!