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The Journalist: More Trustworthy than the Prison Snitch

Press HatMontreal (The Skwib) — In their yearly survey of how much trust we have in a variety of occupations, Leger Marketing discovered that journalists were more trusted than quite a few other occupations.

Nearly 49 percent of Canadians felt that journalists were more trustworthy than “wise” guys, prison snitches, French lovers, lawyers, used car salesemen and of course, politicians.

(Politicians have been at the bottom of the annual poll, since it was started four years ago. This year 14 percent of respondents felt politicians were trustworthy. It should be noted that when you look at the cross-tabulated data, this 14 percent coincides with those Canadians who do not pay any attention to current events that are not reported in People magazine.)

“We are really pleased with these results,” Phillip R. Hack, President of the Canadian Journalists’ Association (CJA) told The Skwib. “We’ve been aiming to be seen as more trustworthy than used car salesmen for many years, and this if the first time that we’ve done so. It’s a great day for journalists everywhere.”

Interestingly, pollsters were not included in the survey.

The Skwib tried to contact the Association of Prison Snitches for comment, but they left us hanging.

Alltop would shiv someone for a laugh. Originally published in March, 2006, but this is a trend that continues. Excellent photo by Manin the Moon, via Flickr.


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