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Joel and the Corporate Ziggurat

 Joel LeFrappe

Joel LeFrappe was an up-and-coming executive in the Massive and Deranged Cricket and Palmistry (MaDCaP) Continuum, homeworld of ToryWorks 4000, a rival firm of NaziWorks 3000 (The Caring Company).

While ToryWorks was not as cruel and deliciously monolithic as NaziWorks, they tended to be more modern and forward thinking in their product lines — for example, the ToryWorks Panty-and-Cellophane Self-Eradication Unit has been selling briskly on MaDCaP, particularly amongst the Peerage.

Joel had yet to install the new Clone 12000 Helmet, though he had replaced his eyes with the traditional eye-bar favoured by CEOs throughout the Fruit Topping Nebula. He’d even had a tiny plasma eye installed so that he could vaporize misbehaving middle managers whenever he felt like it.

Unfortunately, he still read books. And though he tried to compensate by constantly swilling Merlot, this “reading” perversion would definitely inhibit his climb up the ToryWorks 4000 Ziggurat of Pain and Self-Loathing.

Eventually, he was consumed by the the Great Norman, the Dread Accountant of Spreadsheet XII.

Alltop enjoys a good accounting. From Toulouse Le Grandfig in the Land of the Future | photo by Kindofblue. Originally published November, 2007.

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